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I feel complete when things move from both the ends. It always works best when things get going from both the ends. The conversation and/or interaction become meaningful when the involving parties take the same efforts and show the equal interest. Same goes with relationships, all kind of relationships, may it be a customer-vendor relationship in a business or a husband-wife relationship in personal life, the equal interest and constant involvement keep things moving. The writer-reader relationship is no exception either. It would be a lie if any of the blogger says that he/she doesn’t care of the response he/she receives from the readers.

I believe it is the reader’s response that decides the future of most of the bloggers. It is a lack of response or constant ignorance by the readers that hits the new bloggers up front which leads them to quit on writing. Hence, the reader’s response becomes crucial in most of the situations. However, here at WordPress we get the ready set of writers as well as readers. I am very sure that there exist very talented and mature readers whose response may result into writer’s improvement in writing as well as in knowledge. The readers affect the writers in many ways. A reader motivates and inspires a writer to write more and write well. I won’t deny that I feel very happy when I get a single like for any of my post or the comment by an anonymous makes me jump off the bed. I really appreciate those who take time to read as well as give feedback because it takes a big heart to do so.

So, what am I really up to? Well, I had recently visited one of the photography blog Straßenfotografien and liked the idea the blogger had used to receive the reader’s feedback. Seeking the inspiration from that blog, I too have created the page where the reader’s can put their reactions, suggestions, comments, thoughts and/or opinions about my blog and my writing. It will help me get the idea what my fellow bloggers, friends and readers think of my blog and my writing. It will help me improve my writing as well as knowledge. Moreover, it will make me write more and more and write well and useful. I would really appreciate if you take some time to visit the link below and put your thoughts over there.

Okay, well, you can share the reading experience as well as words of hate, love and appreciation. You can criticize too or you can just say ‘Hello’ to me. I would be glad if you do any of the thing I mentioned above but only when if you feel to do so.

Below is the link to that page where you can provide your feedback on my blog/writing

Show love/hate

Pratik Akkawar

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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