Tom saying no to camera

Type of photography – Animals

Place – Inside my home

Date – 14th Mar 2015

Time – Late Evening

Background – He had worn that innocent look while I was eating the snacks, though he had already finished his share. I was helpless as he was late to arrive and the snacks I was eating was of no use for him. I knew he would not eat that anyway so I was unable to offer. Moreover, I was about to finish my snacks as well. But, how can one convince the little Tom? He had hope in his eyes and that innocent look in addition. Well, that make me capture him in camera but you know what, cats are not like what they seem to be in real. He quickly turned away as he came to know that I was going to do something that he’s not very fond of. And, I ended up capturing his not so interested look, my #4 photograph. No, he never looked back again and stayed for two minutes giving me feeling of complete ignorance. Then he moved away. 🙁

A message – You need to learn to ‘say no‘ to things you are not willing to do or you are uncomfortable with. No matter, the person you are trying to say no to is your friend or enemy. You got to learn that for the sake of your comfort. There is nothing wrong in denying certain thing. It won’t harm your character, in fact it will improve as they will come to know that you are capable of saying no.

Yeah, get lost with your camera dude, I am not interested at all. Hate the spotlight. 😛 – Little Tom

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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