12 Reasons why this friendship day, you should not befriend a guy/girl who writes

You don’t make friends for any particular reason but, you will find hundreds of reasons not to make friends of particular kind. Hundreds of kinds of friends you can have and each will come with some default behavior and habits. No doubt you completely accept them when you befriend them but, sometimes you secretly hate them for being who they are and what do they do. Below are 12 reasons why this friendship day, you should not befriend a guy/girl who writes

1. Now, that’s perfect

It is okay for them if you make mistakes in day-to-day life or they are fine even if you do any crime. But, when it comes to writing, they would look for that full stop or comma or spacing between the words you probably wouldn’t bother much about while writing and if you missed any then be ready to learn the lessons of grammar, punctuation and formatting. They seek perfection while writing and would expect the same from you, worst if you fail at it, they might take charge and proofread that document, you hardly cared about.

2. It’s all about the stories

Yes, it’s true. They deal in stories. His life, her life, their life or your life, they see everyone’s life as a story and treat every incident & event as one of the scenes from the story. Most of the time, they happen to remember these scenes from their life and you, being their friend get to listen all those not-so-interesting-but-definitely-boring stories every now and then and mind you, there is no escape.

3. A kind of character you are

Whether you know it or not, they are always looking at you and observing your character or you can say observing you as a character. Character holds a lot of importance for them and better you be one of the best for them. You never know when they would write something like their autobiography or memoir and cast you in as one of the characters, a short side role in their own story may be and that too without taking your permission. Sorry, what did you say?You would not be happy if that happens?Oh come on, who wouldn’t be?

4. Honesty is the best policy

Most of them believe in this proverb, ‘honesty is the best policy’. You won’t believe but most of them follow this attitude while writing. They like to write the truth and be on good side, always and forever. Just try once to be dishonest around them and they will pen down the whole drama on paper, just to make you realize what wrong you did. Better you do everything with honesty when they are around or you might be asking for a big trouble.

5. Like an inborn philosopher

They are by default philosophers of their own kind, unique and infinite. Talk about happiness, sorrows, pain, smile or anything about life, they will have answers. They have answer to every question of yours. Though not very convincing but their answers will make some sort of sense and will make your brain think differently for a while. They are blessed with this knowledge and ability to look at life from different perspective, a little deeper. Sounds good, no? But, the bitter side is when they try to convince and make you follow their philosophy. You will try but never understand their philosophy and they will keep blaming your not-so-capable-to-think-deep brain for that.

6. Go, hide behind the trees, they are looking for readers

They write all kind of stuff. They can write from few words to single line to one paragraph to one chapter to one whole book and every piece of their work (you can say letters which makes more sense) will be equally important to them. May it be a poem or a short story, they write it with great involvement of their sentiments. Now, the question is, who reads their so-damn-precious written stuff? YOU, my friend you! Their friends are their primary readers. Whatever they would write, they will get that read from you as they hold all the rights upon you as a friend to make you read their stuff. And, at worst you officially become a reader who can bear to read all those nonsense stories.

7. Aware of social awareness

Most of them will have a little extra interest in the field of social work and they will often irritate you by talking about social issues and pouring gyan on how can we improve the quality of our lives and society we are living in, into your head. They will talk on and about current happenings in the entire world but do nothing more than writing. Their positive attitude and motivational speech will inspire you for a while but what you will wish to do after couple of seconds is to run out of the room as quickly as possible. They talk about changing the world, merely by writing and you never believe in them. But hey, who knows what might happen?

8. Diary of secretes

Over the time, they develop this habit of penning their everyday life down on paper which includes special moments, memories and their secretes along with yours. So, there would be chances that, secretes that you had shared with them won’t remain secretes if their diary is read out by someone. Worst if their diary is found by your beloved gf/wife/bf/husband.

9. In love, now and forever

Looking at them, you would not guess how romantic they are. But, try to explore them a bit more and there they are; infinitely romantic and true believer of love. Ask for a romantic poetry or shayari full of pain, they would be serving both at their best. And, sometimes they may push you in trouble by over loading you with confidence to propose a stranger girl/guy.

10. Always into writing

No matter whether it’s Sun or Moon shining over your head, if they want to write something, they will. Day or night, am or pm, they hardly bother about time. They don’t look for right time to write, instead they believe that the time when they wrote was right. They will go mad at you if don’t find pen and paper within their reach. You will find them writing on literally everything and everywhere, may it be a piece of newspaper or tissue paper; they have to write that thought down. Forget about the old writing, they will treat your mailbox and message box as safety storage for their written stuff. Time and time again, you will receive emails, messages containing text that just don’t make any sense and which is relevant to nothing but still you won’t be able to delete them just because they had ask you to preserve them.

11. How boring

They are boring people on the earth. They will miss on your parties, trips and hangouts quite regularly and won’t regret at all. They won’t dance or laugh or express their emotions easily. They will prefer peace over anything else. Got it?

12. Day dreamers

Sometimes, you will feel alone even after having them with you, just because they would be lost in their dreams, dreaming something crazy.

However, if you accidentally happen to befriend them, I bet you won’t dare to lose them at any cost for they would be the ones, who will write their name on your heart with the invisible ink of love.

P.S. – I’m a guy who writes. So, how about friendship with me, huh? 😉

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. This is perfect 🙂 There was this amazing series about “Don’t date a girl who reads/writes” This gives a fresh angle!

  2. Rightly said Prajakta, we get to read relevant stuff here and there on internet that inspires us and that is why it becomes necessary to apply variations. I had tried to keep it simple and glad that you liked it. Thanks 🙂

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