8 Reasons to keep a personal diary

If you are one of those who think keeping a Personal Diary is the waste of time or you are just looking for some motivation to start keeping one, then just read on to find some stupid but meaningful reasons to why you should keep a personal diary.

1. You will gain some kind of status

We all know how hard it is to keep a diary for long and if someone gets to know that you keep one, then it will automatically raise your status in front of him. Generally, people who keep diaries receive some kind of respect from around. Nobody knows why, may be because it has become rare these days.

Wow, really?
Oh, yeah dude, I keep a diary.

2. Your secretes will remain in safe hands

A diary does not exist without secrets. A diary will always have secrets, may it be of yours or of your family, friends, dog or cat or literally anything. You will be keeping your secrets to yourself instead of spitting them out to someone. Ultimately, you won’t need to keep burden of keeping secrets in your mind and on the other hand your secrets will remain in safe hands.

3. You will kick your emotions out without any hesitation

A well-kept personal diary is same as the mirror view of your life. A diary will give you that own place where you would be able to express yourself more freely. A diary will help your emotions to flow out from your heart without any hesitation. You would express yourself better to your diary. It will help ease out your heart from unbearable emotions.

4. You will lose stress

You have so many thoughts running into your mind 24*7 and you just feel stressed all the time. You want someone with whom you can share your thoughts but have no idea with whom to share. A diary will give you a better alternative to that imaginary listener. Putting your thoughts into diary will help reducing your stress and tension.

5. You will learn to speak truth, no lies

A diary simply means truth. One cannot lie to himself hence he who keeps a personal diary will always have truth written into it. No matter how bad, messy or crazy the one is in his life, in the end he will write the true side of his into a diary. There does not exist a thing like fake diary. If I would have to define what diary is then I would define it as a holy thing. With keeping diary you learn to be true to yourself and to others as well.

6. You will become punctual

Keeping a daily diary is not a joke. It takes your time, yes time from your busy schedule. Moreover, it will test you in many different ways like you won’t be in same situation or mood to speak your heart out every day. The punctuality and time management will be needed. With every passing day you will become used to of it and you will automatically become punctual with each passing day.

7. Your memories will be treasured

With every new entry into your diary you will be creating a beautiful memory from your life. Memories play a very big role in our lives and everyone tries to treasure them till the end. Off course, with new technology you are able to capture photographs and record videos in real-time which creates great memories. However, the written memories will always have that extra charm to them. The written memories are always valued more than any form of memories because one can easily understand what efforts one would have put to treasure them for so long.

8. You will discover a friend in you

While keeping a diary, you will be talking, discussing, arguing, laughing, and crying to yourself. There won’t be any other person who will be responding or listening to you. It will be you from both the sides. You will be the talker and you will be the listener. You will be the winner and you will be the loser. You will be sharing each and every little thing to you only and that is where you will discover a friend in you. A friend belonging to the same soul.

I think above reasons are enough for making you think of keeping a diary. If not, then scroll down, there are few more listed below

  1. You will become a f**king good writer if you keep a diary. Yeah, you must have heard, that keeping diary enhances your writing skill. What? You haven’t? Hell..!!!
  2. No, a diary does not mean a notebook printed with dates and a pen. You have hundreds of diary app waiting for you. Just install the app on your smart phone and start keeping a diary. Don’t lie; I know you have a Smartphone and internet connectivity too.
  3. No, I said. No one would be able to read your diary until you share your password. You need not worry keeping your diary as a secrete itself.
  4. What? you run out of time or just don’t remember. Worry not, a diary app will take care and will remind you every hour about making an entry. You see, they really want you to keep a diary.
  5. Yes, you can. Off course man, go ahead and start keeping a diary so that one day you could write a novel based on your personal diary.

P.S. – There might be thousands of reasons to keep a personal diary. However, I believe keeping a personal diary will help you meet that one true friend who enjoys your company, values you and your emotions and more than that treasure your memories with honesty and pride.

Do you keep a personal diary? Share your experience here via comments.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. I keep a personal diary on and off. I use it to clear my head before I start an assignment or a big writing task. I also use it to relieve anxiety. It’s great but I always worry about people reading it. Anyway great post it inspired me to keep my diary more up to date.

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