Being an inspiration

I had written this post five years ago. It was the first post I had published on my blog and the same day, my journey as a writer began. The topic was the outcome of the happenings in my life. I was betrayed by the person I was in love with. It was a long distance relationship I had failed at, though I was not the one to break it. The episode made me think a lot about the downsides of being in a long distance relationship. The only thing I wanted at that time was to scream loud and tell the world about long distance relationships. I did not want to portray a negative picture of the relationship but I wanted to make people think about it before they decide to jump into it. I wrote as much I could.

It was the first and one out of many occasions in my life when an event had inspired me to write. Soon I began to write quite frequently. Most of the time I used to get inspired by the event or the people in my life. I was enjoying the process as I was finding the great inspiration around me. I used to seek inspiration from all the possible sources.

Looking for an inspiration outside

However, today, the years later I have realized that the years-old process is not working for me and it won’t work anymore in the future. I ponder upon what wrong I am doing with my writing and one thing struck me hard. I found that my writing had become very dependent on the inspiration coming from external sources. The external sources such as the people and events in my life.

The biggest source of inspiration to my writing was the people in my life. But, as they say, people have changed, their behaviours have changed, their priorities have changed and their importance in my life has also changed. The same thing has happened with the relationships I was in. Moreover, there are hardly any events happening in my life right now and this is the case since last couple of years which are the absolute failure of my writing journey so far.

So, everything has changed with the time except my willingness to write. I don’t know why but through all this struggle at writing, my head was constantly filled with the thought of writing something. I was looking for the inspiration very badly.  I was looking for the sources but wasn’t seeing any. I was feeling helpless as the sources that used to inspire me to write were failing one by one. I was finding it hard to deal with but it surely made me think and grow.

Being an inspiration

I have now realised that external sources are not always the great place to seek an inspiration from. The right place to look for an inspiration is within yourselves. The best feeling you get is when you become an inspiration to yourself. This post is the outcome of very thought and I hope you all will nod your heads in its agreement. I am happy that I wrote this post today and will continue to write something as I am planning to be an inspiration to myself.

Don’t look for the inspiration outside, you already have it within yourselves.

Pratik Akkawar

As usual, I invite you to put your thoughts related to the topic in the comment section. Let me know what inspires you to write. What do you do when you run out of the sources that inspires you to write?

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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