A photograph is nothing but a frozen moment. It is true that photography requires special skills. Of all the skills, one I put at the top is the ability of a person to see beauty in everything. A person who can see the beauty in the world will easily manage to capture beauty in his/her camera. If you are not a professional photographer, there is no need to learn every technical aspect of photography. With good heart and ability to see beauty in everything, you can capture some great pictures. While I am not a professional photographer, I do click random photos of nature. I like to convey meaningful messages to the people through my photography. In this particular section, I share some of the pictures taken by me along with the background story and date. I had created this series as a part of my resolution, however later I decided to stick with it as I developed the love for the sound of camera click.


A marigold

I had never thought that I will come up with this one, a marigold to start off with one of my interests i.e photography. I was wondering what I will click first to get started with. Yeah, I won’t be…

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