Happy friendship day

I know you don’t like it when I do this but you see, you make me write and that is so wonderful thing about you guys. Do hate me for putting this over here but I can not help >:D as I’ve turned into someone who just could not hold back to express his feelings. I know I could have done this the other day or in other way but you see I’ll do it my way just to ensure I don’t make a mess of anything. ;) So read on, this is for you buddy..

Not much long before when we were together
Smiling and laughing, throwing hands in air
From nowhere a thought, came into my mind
Why did I befriend, the people of your kind
I looked at everyone and think of you all
No one was a perfect friend, as they call
I didn’t believe, still took a step back
I decided to leave and went little far
I paused for a moment to take a last view
I took by surprise as it seems totally new
I could see you all in a single frame
All of you as one friend, Thaww Gang the name
This time I found a friend, perfect by all mean
There was something special, that was never seen

I could now see him (Rahul Bhamare) and
How he keeps us all together all the time
Have odds like me still manage to rhyme

I could now see him (Amit Bhangale) and
How he tolerate useless talks and offer helping hand
Consume every nonsense without any demand

I could now see him (Sunil Deore) and
How deeply he cares about all of us
Always around to listen and disuss

I could now see him (Mohan Ahire) and
How he behave stupid just to make us smile
Brings an innocent hope that keeps us strong for miles

I could now see him (Rahul Darekar) and
How much faith he has in us and our togetherness
Looking after little things so that we don’t make a mess

I could now see him (Vishal Kothawade) and
How he hold that urge to come along even after getting late
He won’t miss to wish on your birthday I can bet

I could now see him (Ameya Barwe) and
How much he care even after being busy and apart
Holds the same memories and feels the same in heart

Then I realized its not about the single color of the sky
It is about the colorful rainbow that catches the eye
I felt sorry for being so insane
I turned back quickly and joined them again

You see we never had those friendship bands tied to our wrists instead we share a bond. A bond of love, care, trust and support. A bond that keeps our relation strong. I hope we will keep it till the end. Don’t get bore, the post is about to end. Here we go

Time and Distance will be measured and both will end but there won’t be any measure to measure a friend.

Pratik Akkawar

P.S. – A perfect friend is imaginary and do not exist. Don’t try to find, you won’t find anyone, I bet.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. Nicely written Pratik, even though I m not in a list but I still feel proud to be your friend in such a less time !!!!! In this busy world our friends are busy with their own daily routine but yes they do care for us they too miss us and the poet likes you underline such facts with such wonderful lines !!!!

    Friendship is immortal !!!!

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