How To Survive When A Mango Tree Falls On Your Dining Table

Last week I met all my best buddies. It was after very long time we all were together at one place and the mood was set to have a party at night. Earlier in the evening we got together and hung at our regular katta near INS(meaning Ice n Spice hotel), where we shared some hugs and laughter with some conversation on professional and personal life. All looked to me very happy and we enjoyed that little hangout period of time. Not to anyone’s surprise we decided to go for a dinner at some restaurant. Wasting no great time we all settled down on the seats of two cars, brought by two of my buddies Rahul and Amit. Soon we were on our way for a dinner.

It was around 9pm when we hit the restaurant named Veg Aroma. It was the very first time I visited that restaurant and so as others. The front look, designer name on the wall and overall decor of restaurant front side looked nice and cool. We walked towards the main entry gate and slowly entered in. As soon as we entered, a huge tree greeted us with its huge trunk at the center and long branches spread all over the sky covering huge area at the center of open place at the front.. The tree was looking fresh with its dark green leaves fluttering with the soft wind. The tree was decorated with light balls throwing cool white light in the atmosphere. The tree was surrounded by the dining tables from all the sides of which we chose one to settle down. The one at the left corner we chose and settled down. The place seemed to be calm and nice. After being comfortable all started to talk again. Jokes, silly talks, giggles and laughs were on. Smart phones came out from the pockets and we had a photo session wherein we took lots of photos of each other. Smiling and laughing all together. In between everyone would look around and check out the beautiful faces. Luckily, we found quite many of those having dinner on the tables around. Seriously, few of the girls were so gorgeous that we could not get our eyes off them till a waiter appears in front of us. A summer night, a nice and cool open place, chilled breeze, bunch of best buddies and beauty all around, how cool was that!

We ordered some starter to start off with and continued to have fun again. Soon, the starter came and we finished with no hurry. Later, we ordered the main course for the night, three different vegetable dishes and a basket of rotis. Meanwhile, we had cold drink and some more laughter. During that Amit and I came to know that the giant tree was a Mango tree with many unripe mangoes held onto it’s all branches. We glanced at it slowly, it felt nice. It took them quite long to serve us the main course. We waited for near about half an hour. We finished the main course too. All looked satisfied with the taste of the food and the later service provided by the waiters.

It was near to 10pm when we all ended up and asked for a final bill. We stayed quiet, were feeling the wind and watching the scenery around, no other thoughts in mind but one of leaving the place. Suddenly, I heard the noise and so as others. The noise seemed like the one that comes after burning the firecrackers so we all looked up with suspense and whoa! A huge, long and thick branch was about to fall on our heads. I remember to see only leaves and the light balls coming towards us when I stood up and ran away from the table to my right. Nikhil next to me did the same and we were out in quick time. Amit followed me in hurry so as Rahul who was yelling for names of others just confirm if all are safe. During the same, Rahul D. has to push Vishal out to get himself out from under the branch. I remember to see Amit and Rahul coming out of the leaves of the tree. We six were out in no time but still worried about Mohan and Sunil who were seated at the further corner of the table. Soon, I saw Sunil standing away in my right and I sighed in relief. Mohan too had managed to come out of the blunder. Our nerves calm down when we saw all of us safe and with no harm done. Within no time the crowd covered the area, they started to look for us who were supposed to be there under the tree. Fortunately, we all came out safely from horrible accident. We stood there for some minutes with our hearts beating at high rates. Soon, we recovered and joined crowd to help others. The family seated on the table in the right from ours had injuries as they could not run away in time. We gathered together again and felt fortunate that none of us had any serious injury. Mohan, Sunil and Vishal had some scratches on body here and there but that was least we could expect. The only loss was in terms of financial as Rahul D. lost his glasses in the accident. We spent some more time observing the situation and decided to leave. It was the first time I witnessed the nature’s disaster from that much close distance. We all were thrilled with our experiences. We came out of the restaurant and left the place discussing the same.

We thank god for we had survived from one of the memorable disasters. But, there not ends the story, the party was not over yet. We rode to the college road to eat Ice Cream. Now, we all were laughing at each other, making fun of the incident and sharing the same with our friend over the phones. We were happy, living every moment with great joy and happiness just because we were together. We were safe, we were together. That is what define us, our gang. Thaww Gang.

“Together we were at the start, together we will be at the end.” – Thaww Gang

What? Didn’t I tell you how to survive?

Well, do not dine under a Mango Tree which is 150 years old, bearing the weight of hundreds of unripe mangoes. That’s set. Seriously, that is all I had for you. Just kidding, go down for the tips.

Good points to note down:

  1. If you could not run just hide beneath the table, it will guard you from the direct stroke of wood on your body. (Amit did the same)
  2. If you get too short time to react, hold your hands above the head and save the head first. (Sunil did the same)
  3. Push others out, force them to run. (Rahul D. did the same)
  4. Shout out loud so that all gets alert, it will inform others about the coming danger. (Rahul did the same)
  5. Look for your safety first; it is fine to leave the stuff at the table. (Mohan did the same)
  6. Do not panic no matter what happens. (Vishal did the same)
  7. Run as quick as possible and make room for others to come out. (Nikhil and I did the same)
  8. Follow the eights ways, the ways which we followed to survived ourselves.

Special Moment:

As we stepped out from the restaurant, fully recovered from the trauma I looked at the restaurant again, this time I paid special attention to the big green symbol of the same huge Mango Tree on the front and there I read their slogan.

Come Dine With Nature.

I laughed. We laughed. We enjoyed.

It was more like a stunt for us and the performers were,

  • Amit Bhangale
  • Mohan Ahire
  • Nikhil Barhate
  • Pratik Akkawar
  • Rahul Bhamare
  • Rahul Darekar
  • Sunil Deore
  • Vishal Kothawade

Do like and share the post. Mention your memorable incidents in comments. Do not hesitate to catch me if you want to talk.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. Awesome adventurous experience bro !!! Thanks to God, that all of you came out safely from this incident. Unity wins !!! Article is also truly awesome !!!

  2. Ha..ha..ha…. it was like
    “Aaj Kuch Tufani Karate Hey….”
    nice blog n description….

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