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It’s been quite a few days since the movie released. The movie focuses on Indian people’s lifestyle and their spiritual perspective towards their Gods. However, the movie mainly highlights the issue of hypocrisy of people who claim to call themselves a Saint. The makers of movie tried to show how a person (a neutral one, not belonging to any particular caste or religion) would see at the world we are living here in our country. No doubt, the movie was supposed to receive lots of allegations as it had touched one of the sensitive topics in the country. The movie received mixed response from the public. Some people found it a good movie and some just could not deal with the content of the movie. As the days passed by, the movie makers got sued by organizations like Vishva Hindu Parishad. The controversy went to the web as well. People began to post statuses and comments on the walls of social networks like Facebook in support as well as against the movie. Lots of messages were spread on WhatsApp intentionally among the people. The people on twitter were not behind at all. It was like, a war was held between the movie supporters and criticizers of the movie. No surprise, the media covered the story very well.

This was the story so far. The movie ‘PK’ is still running in theaters and controversy seems to be gone disappearing a little. However, this is not my concern at all. Whether the movie was good or bad and whether the content shown was right or wrong or whether it abused our Gods or not, I just have nothing to say about that at all. What was my concern was how the people reacted to this. I wondered knowing how people developed their mindset towards the movie after the controversy was held. In the last few days I came across people who decided not to watch the movie. The sole reason was that, it abused our religion and Gods. I don’t know whether the movie has done this or not but the point is, they came to this conclusion without watching the movie. They put the mark of Anti-Hindu over the movie and that is too without ever watching it. I just wondered how people can develop some mindsets upon reading or hearing some news, especially when the case is a movie. I believe, to know, to decide and to come to any conclusion you should watch the movie first and then take your stand. In that case, whatever stand you take will be acceptable by all as it will be a decision taken by you after hearing a voice from your heart.

It won’t do justice to the film in this case or anything if we keep developing such habits to look at the things from the perspective of other entity or other people. You should have your own perspective to look at the things in the world; you should hear the voice of your own heart. It would always be better to listen to yourself first rather than to anyone when it comes to take decisions in your life. You should be wise enough to take step forward to get to know the truth. You should always see by your own eyes and listen to your inner voice to come to any conclusion. Always remember, you can’t tell how the food is until you taste it.

Disclaimer: Whatever written in the article above is completely a part of my own thoughts/observation and the article has not been written with intent to hurt anyone or to advice anyone. Moreover, I’m neither in support nor against the movie and there is no particular purpose behind writing this article. However, on personal note, I would say, go guys watch the movie first and then take your stand. 🙂

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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  1. I personally loved the movie, yes it was controversial for those who saw it in that light. I went with an open mind and had a laugh riot! I’ve never had such a loud laugh ever before than the one I had for this movie. PK was amazing!

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