How it all began

He was having a dinner with his mates at canteen. He usually would have his dinner earlier in the evening when working in afternoon shift. He saw her for the very first time through the transparent glass door, the only…

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Her identity

Her name was no more a secrete now. The curiosity about her identity was about to end as he had gained access to her social media profile. He clicked-open her profile page to read the details of her. He read…

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A lucky search

Days and weeks passed by and so as months. He waited for the right time of which he hardly realized in the last three months. You just can’t split time into right or wrong, he knew but could not help…

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Miracle or Destiny?

She had disappeared all of a sudden. He looked for her for next few days but she didn’t show up. His eyes searched for hers even in her absence. He was losing hopes bit by bit. Few more days like…

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A guest

Type of photography – Animals Place – Backside of house Date – 26th July 2015 Time – Morning Background – Since last couple of days, a guest is visiting our house. My mom being follower of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava‘, did…

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Periwinkle duo

Type of photography – Nature Place – Roof of home Date – 7th Jun 2015 Time – Morning Background – It was surprising for my mom that I had woken up early in the morning on Sunday but yes I…

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Lamp of hope

Type of photography – Object Place – Home Date – 29th Mar 2015 Time – Late Evening Background – A surprised electricity cut and the whole world entered into darkness. I was unable to see anything and struggled to find…

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