Making the choices

If you ask me about the best teacher I ever had in my life, I might not be able to name one. If I have to, then my answer would simply be my life. Yes, I believe that life is…

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A letter from draft

Happy winter blogging It feels great to write in winter. Especially when it’s winter and it’s the last month of the year. Apart from making a list of new year resolutions in my mind, I happen to revisit the past…

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Happy Birthday

How nice it feels when someone greets you with smile? How nice it feels when someone notice you from the distance and says ‘Hi’? How nice it feels when someone appears just to give a hi-five? Or how nice it…

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Tell me dear

Can your heart skip a beat merely upon listening to their voice? Is it possible to touch someone’s heart without touching their body? Can a single thought of someone whom you haven’t even met bring the smile on your face?…

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He was no Augustus Waters

For a minute, he had put himself in the shoes of ‘Augustus Waters’, the leading male character from the movie ‘The fault in our stars’. In one of the scenes from that movie, Augustus sees his future-girlfriend ‘Hazel Grace’ for…

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