Bring the change in yourself

The change in you reflects in the world you see. Pratik Akkawar You get to see the world the way you want to see it. If you are complaining about the never happening changes in the world then try to…

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A big Thank You

I have a strong belief that the best gifts one can receive are the time and attention. With this electrifying fast and moving life you can expect everyone to be busy in their own life. However, people who like, love…

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Go fearless

When you live with the fear in your mind, you minimize the number of possibilities. Life is about taking chances whenever and wherever possible. You don’t because you get scare and feel the fear before anything could happen. Most of…

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Dream world exists

Every night you enter into dream and every morning you wake up into reality. You choose not only to escape from the sleep but also from your dreams. You find that the world in your dreams and the real world…

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Take decisions, change life

Life takes a turn every time you take decision about something. Every decision you take affects your future life, no matter whether it’s small or big. The decisions taken at right time will eventually change your life forever. Obviously, destiny…

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A photograph

  A photograph that has never been seen again after getting captured is a beautiful moment you should regret about. – ___pr@t

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We don’t love, we only talk

You can see the world is changing rapidly. With every new invention our life style is getting change. The meaning and definitions are changing. Feelings are no exception. In this era of smart phones we don’t love, we only talk.…

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Happy friendship day

I know you don’t like it when I do this but you see, you make me write and that is so wonderful thing about you guys. Do hate me for putting this over here but I can not help >:D…

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Find empty plates

It happens! It happens in everyone’s life. You do good and no one values. You feel bad and become sad. This is what life is all about. But you see you should not stop doing good for there exist people…

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Y U No Marry?

Most of the love stories in India ends in the similar fashion as drawn in below diagram (drawn by me 🙂 ). I have seen the stories like these where girls and boys fall in love with each other but…

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