New year resolutions

Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves, a deal you can say. A deal with ourselves, in which we try to satisfy our mind by doing exactly what our minds wants us to do. A resolution helps us to create inspiration within us that would keep us going through out the time span we have set it for. A resolution is a challenge to ourselves. A resolution makes us believe in ourselves.
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Look back

You should look back and analyze what you have achieved and what you have lost last year. It will not only help you to plan the stuff for next year but also make you happy. Take off some time, seat back, relax and just think of those things that happened to you in the last year. I have lots of and lots of to share from this year but I am listing here only few of them.
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Lazy, busy or nothing

I did it again. It’s been a month since I wrote and posted on my blog. This is what happens to me very often. I make my mind to write on regular basis and be serious about writing. However, I…

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Nine days wonder

We are humans. We think. We act. We are the masters of our mind, the in charge of our emotions and feelings. We decide what we want and what we do not want. Moreover, we decide our likes and dislikes;…

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A birthday

The only day you truly wish to spend being a good person is your birthday. No matter who you are or what you had been through or what are you suffering from; nothing will affect your excitement and enthusiasm about…

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Say Trees

Yesterday was my birth day; the most wonderful and beautiful day of the year.  Let me tell you first that I had already planned to write an article on behalf of this special occasion but had no idea what will…

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There’s nothing to prove

I have been through this all the time and I think it is same with everyone out there. We always have it on our mind. Each of us carries this burden, a burden of an unfulfilled desire. A desire that…

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Needless sacrifices

To sacrifice, is the one deed you will ever do in your life, which will always make you feel proud of yourself. Sacrificing had never been easy for anyone yet it is that pleasurable deed every good person would love…

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The dirty Indian languages

Believe me, I had kept this post on hold and had planned to put it into my “Thoughts” category. However, as I turned on the television today, few hours ago, I could not resist myself and thought this is the…

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Hold on – let Go

Hold on! No, let it go! Wait, you cannot let it go, just hang on there. Hold on, be patient and everything will be fine, just the way you want. No way, if it has not happened till now, why…

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