A life without internet

It’s been almost a month since I lost access to the internet from my home. All thanks to heavy rain. It’s the longest time interval that I’ve been away from internet in last couple of years. I was supposed to…

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The story of 8 chamans

Those were the best days of my life ! Year 2009, 8 friends, 1 destination – Dugarwadi Full of adventure, full of fun, full of rain, full of water 4 bikes, muddy roads, water puddles, dirty motor wheels 1 house,…

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Why do I drive in 40s?

It’s more than a half-year since I bought the bike. I learned to drive thereafter and now I drive with more confidence. Day by day I’m traveling more distance and every traveled mile boosts my confidence. Every new day I…

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Let the people go out from your life

Keep people in your life that truly love you, motivate you, encourage you, inspire you, enhance you and make you happy. If you have people who do NONE of these, let them go. Pratik Akkawar You will find many quotes,…

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I don’t have time

They: “Why didn’t you come to attend the ceremony?” Me: “I didn’t have time!” They: “Why don’t you want to come with us?” Me: “I don’t have time!” They: “Why didn’t you call me back?” Me: “I didn’t have time!”…

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Reading nonfiction from abroad

Affecting Factors and Challenges for Readers Fiction and Nonfiction are two basic genres for any literary work in the world. Any book or novel gets categorized into one of these at first place and then the sub genres are assigned.…

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Celebrating Election

Publicity, Rallies, Road Shows, Press Conferences, Discussions and Dramas! It’s all happening here in India. It looks like people are celebrating any national festival here with great enthusiasm. It is the politics at its peak. I can see as well…

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Serving non-veg (Whatsapp – 18+)

Whatsapp will serve you the best at any place! How about non-veg? Don’t you think that above lines will best suit as a status for hundreds of Whatsapp users? It has been more than four years since Whatsapp was launched…

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The beginning

Beginning is always the hardest. Things never go the way you want them to go but I believe a good beginning is the key to success. So, here is the update about my resolutions
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