10 Reasons to read my blog

All of us need reasons to do something and so as readers to read. Why readers should read your blog? Have you ever think of that? No, I never did before. However, since I took blogging a bit seriously, I…

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Plan your happy December

I wasn’t aware of its arrival till I saw white tiny slow flakes floating on my Blog posts. Since I have joined the office, I hardly remember what day of the week is going on and what the date it’s…

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Your blog needs make over

I’ve made lots of changes to my blog since I began to take blogging seriously. As a blogger you would want to take most out of the WordPress platform and I just did the same. There were many reasons behind…

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My first published writing

First things first so let me tell you that today I am feeling very happy. Wow, how happy I am! 😀 So, few days ago I had submitted an article to one of our regional newspaper “Maharashtra Times” based on…

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Happy New Year – In Progress

Writing has never been a best part of me. I can’t write as fast as I think, imagine and visualize things in my head. There are people who synchronize these very well. I lack this quality for sure. Anyways, I…

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Out of the blue

I still don’t know why he had called me up so early in the morning, I still don’t know whether it was planned before or happened in the mean while but one thing was sure that it came out of…

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Make your movie watchable

Imagine yourself watching a movie where in leading actor is performing same actions, going through the same situations, same drama and songs are being played and same events are happening to him over and over in regular time interval. Everything…

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Expecting isn’t a bad thing though

No one is exception when you talk about keeping expectations. Everyone out there in the world keep expectations. People keep expectations from other people, things, time, situation, destiny and from mighty God as well. However, we all know keeping expectations…

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